80’s Commercials Vol. 929

These commercials aired on NBC on May 31st, 1985

1. Agree
2. Baby Fresh
3. Diet Coke (With Chuck Berry, Martin Mull, Andie MacDowell and others)
4. Ford Mustang
5. Honda Rebel
6. Caffeine Free Coke
7. Heald College (Started in 1863, it was bought by Corinthian Colleges in 2009. Corinthian was later investigated for fraud and fined $30 million by the Department of Education. In 2015 they shut down all of their Campuses, including Heald)
8. “Friday Night Videos” Commercial Bumper
9. Promo for “Gus Brown And Midnight Brewster”
10. Promo for “Cover Story”
11. Schwinn
12. Great America
13. KRON Live At Five Bumper
14. Armor All Protectant
15. TV Spot for “Secret Admirer” (RIP Kelly Preston and Fred Ward)
16. Miller Lite
17. Hawaiian Punch
18. Chaps By Ralph Lauren
19. Le Tigre
20. Ford Escort
21. Fritos
22. TV Spot for “Perfect” (An infamously bad movie. After a series of box office duds, John Travolta would not appear in another movie until 1989, when the success of “Look Who’s Talking” help jump start his career)
23. Sea & Ski
24. Coke (With New Edition)
25. “Friday Night Videos” End Credits


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