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From the movie Krush Groove


If I ruled the world, was king on the throne
I'd make peace in every culture, build the homeless a home
I'm not runnin', for Congress or the President
I'm just here, to tell the world, how my story went
You see first it was a dream, I was livin' in Rome
And then I moved to London, bought a brand new home
And everywhere I went, I drew lots of attention
Like a stretch Limousine, one of those new inventions

It took a few years 'fore the day had come
But I was ruler of the world ranked number one
So I headed towards Washington to claim the crown
Let the whole world know that, the King was in town
As I, arrived, the crowd started to cheer
And then someone yelled out, "The King is here"
So I headed toward the stage, to make a speech
About the new style of livin' I was gonna teach

If I ruled the world
I'd love all the girls, I love 'em, love 'em, baby
Black diamonds and pearls
If I ruled the world

People started flowin' as they reached for my hand
I said, "Thank you for bringin' me to your promised land
But now I must go, say goodbye to everybody
Tonight I'll see you all at my super dinner party"
And late that night, at my super dinner party
I was dancin' to the beat and entertainin' La-Di-Da-Di
The music started endin', it was time for a speech
The crowd started sittin' as I rose from my feet

And this was once a dream, I explained to the crowd
But now, I rule the world and I feel so very proud
Excuse me please, for stoppin' this show
I just had to thank you all, huh, and me so
My first day in office, the King on the throne
I spent my first three hours on the telephone
You know with newsmen, reporters, and voters too
I had so many calls, I didn't know what to do

You know out of that office I continued to work
I signed so many papers, my fingers started to hurt
Then I shook off the pain, say this ain't no thing
'Cause there's nothin' in the world like bein' number one King

If I ruled the world
I'd love all the girls, I love 'em, love 'em, baby
Black diamonds and pearls
If I ruled the world, yeah!

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59 shares, 46 points


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