My Bodyguard


Released in 1980, “My Bodyguard” is a gem in the realm of 80s coming-of-age films. Directed by Tony Bill and starring Chris Makepeace, Adam Baldwin, and Matt Dillon, this movie explores themes of bullying, friendship, and personal growth. The story revolves around Clifford Peache (Makepeace), a new student at a Chicago high school who becomes the target of a bully named Melvin Moody (Dillon). To protect himself, Clifford hires the school’s feared outcast, Ricky Linderman (Baldwin), as his bodyguard.

“My Bodyguard” stands out for its sincere portrayal of teenage struggles and the complexities of forming unlikely friendships. The film delves into the backstories of its characters, particularly Ricky, who is rumored to have a dark past. As Clifford and Ricky’s friendship develops, both characters experience significant growth and learn valuable lessons about trust and loyalty.

The film’s realistic depiction of high school life, combined with its heartfelt narrative, made it a beloved classic. Its success was bolstered by strong performances from the young cast, particularly Baldwin, whose portrayal of the misunderstood Ricky Linderman resonated with audiences.

“My Bodyguard” is more than just a film about bullying; it’s a touching exploration of friendship and courage. It resonates with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider or faced adversity. With its memorable characters and timeless message, this 80s classic continues to warm hearts and inspire viewers of all ages.

Gnarly Nuggets:

  • Debut Roles: “My Bodyguard” marked the film debuts of both Adam Baldwin and Joan Cusack, who plays a quirky classmate of Clifford.
  • Real-life Inspiration: The screenplay by Alan Ormsby was inspired by his own experiences with bullying during his school years.
  • Young Matt Dillon: Matt Dillon, who played the antagonist Moody, was only 16 during filming, yet delivered a convincing performance as the school bully.
  • Tony Bill’s Directorial Debut: Known primarily as an actor, Tony Bill made his directorial debut with “My Bodyguard,” showcasing his talent behind the camera.
  • Filming Location: The movie was shot on location in Chicago, adding authenticity to its depiction of urban high school life.

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