The 80s Rule!!!

  • Beetlejuice

    Hey, remember “Beetlejuice”? That wacky, wild ride from the ’80s? It’s like a time machine straight back to our parents’ rad teen years. Picture this: It’s 1988, you’re chilling in your room, posters of neon pop stars on the walls, and you pop in that VHS. Boom – you’re hit with this insane mix of...
  • Diff’rent Strokes

      “Diff’rent Strokes” was this super iconic American TV sitcom that aired way back from 1978 to 1986. It was a big deal on NBC and later ABC, totally grabbing everyone’s attention with its cool storyline and really charismatic characters. The show was all about this super rich family in Manhattan, led by Phillip Drummond,...
  • After Hours
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    After Hours

    Martin Scorsese’s 1985 film, “After Hours,” stands out as a remarkable piece in the landscape of 80s cinema. This dark comedy, encapsulating a night of misadventures in New York’s SoHo district, remains a cult classic with its black humor and unique storytelling. The film’s protagonist, Paul Hackett, portrayed by Griffin Dunne, is an everyman character...
  • Poison – I Won’t Forget You
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    Poison – I Won’t Forget You

    In 1987, the American glam metal band Poison released a power ballad that would become one of their most memorable songs. “I Won’t Forget You,” originally from their album “Look What the Cat Dragged In,” is a song that captures the essence of classic rock and the emotive power of metal ballads from the 1980s....
  • Aerosmith – Angel
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    Aerosmith – Angel

    In 1988, the renowned American rock band Aerosmith released a track that would become one of their most iconic songs. “Angel,” a power ballad from their album “Permanent Vacation,” showcases the band’s ability to blend soulful melodies with rock elements, creating a song that resonates with listeners even decades later. The song was crafted by...
  • Death Ship
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    Death Ship

    “Death Ship,” a 1980 horror film directed by Alvin Rakoff, stands as a unique and eerie piece in the realm of horror cinema. This film, featuring stars like Richard Crenna, George Kennedy, and Nick Mancuso, delves into a chilling narrative set on the high seas. The story begins with a mysterious ghostly freighter ramming and...
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