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The Art of Being Nick


In 1986, “The Art of Being Nick” spun off from the immensely popular “Family Ties” with Scott Valentine reprising his role as the lovable, albeit dim-witted, Nick Moore. Known as Mallory Keaton’s boyfriend in the original series, Nick’s character was a hit with fans for his kind heart and unique outlook on life. This spin-off aimed to explore Nick’s life beyond the Keaton family, focusing on his adventures and struggles in New York City.

“The Art of Being Nick” showcased Nick Moore’s attempts to navigate adulthood, balancing his dreams of being an artist with the realities of everyday life. The pilot introduced a colorful cast of characters, including Nick’s sister, played by Kristine Sutherland, who tried to keep him grounded. Despite Nick’s good intentions and genuine nature, his unconventional approach to life often led to comedic mishaps and heartwarming moments.

Although the show had potential, it didn’t get picked up for a full series. The pilot aired as a special on NBC, but the network ultimately decided against moving forward with a full season. However, Scott Valentine’s charm as Nick Moore continued to shine in “Family Ties” where he remained a recurring character, much to the delight of fans.

While “The Art of Being Nick” may not have achieved the longevity or success of its parent show, it remains a fascinating footnote in TV history. Scott Valentine’s portrayal of Nick Moore left an indelible mark on fans, proving that sometimes, even short-lived shows can have a lasting impact.

Gnarly Nuggets:

  • Fan Favorite: Despite the show’s short run, Nick Moore remained a beloved character on “Family Ties” known for his quirky charm and unique perspective.
  • Pilot Premiere: The pilot aired on August 27, 1986, but it wasn’t picked up for a full season, leaving fans with only a glimpse of Nick’s solo adventures.
  • Kristine Sutherland: Best known for her role as Joyce Summers on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Sutherland played Nick’s sister in the pilot, adding depth to his character’s backstory.
  • Spin-Off Challenge: “The Art of Being Nick” is an example of how not all spin-offs succeed, even when they feature popular characters from hit shows.
  • Cult Curiosity: The pilot has become a cult curiosity among fans of “Family Ties” who appreciate the attempt to give Nick his own spotlight.

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